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Instant rewards that engage your
users at their happiest.

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Engage Your Users

Kiip enabled apps see an increase in total time spent, number of sessions and user retention.

Increase Revenue

We charge brands per engagement and split the revenue with you.

Plug and Play

Integrating with Kiip is easy and completely free. Only a few lines of code and you can start rewarding your users today.

Know Your Users

The insight you need to keep users around and make informed decisions.

Real Rewards

Free product samples, gift cards, mp3 downloads, and more from the brands we love. Real Rewards deliver effective 1-to-1 engagements through a non-interruptive experience in your game or app.

Virtual Rewards

Our top brands reward users with your native currency, keeping them engaged and in the game. Brands use this turnkey moments solution to leverage your intrinsically valued currency.

Delight Users with Rewards

Work With Your App

Now it's incredibly easy to integrate Kiip into your app. You choose the moments and we provide the rewards. When you are ready to test Kiip, you can watch live API calls in our Developer Console. Get started today!

  • iOS Implementation Code
    Calling a Kiip Moment
  • Android Implementation Code
    Calling a Kiip Moment
  • Web Implementation Code
    Calling a Kiip Moment
We support the following plugins.

Our Whole New Dashboard

Monitor Users

Get to know your audience with metrics that matter. Kiip provides actionable user data to keep you informed in one simple dashboard. No additional coding. No additional cost.


Understand the value of your users and make informed decisions to grow your business. With Kiip you'll be able to see just how much revenue you’re generating on a daily basis.

Check Kiip Performance

Build the ultimate user experience by discovering what moments are performing best and exactly how many users are earning rewards. All the information you need to optimize your user engagement.

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Derek Van Vliet Get Set Games
Kiip has helped us add a consistent incremental five-figure revenue stream to Mega Jump that was extremely easy to integrate without affecting our existing user experience and our game design canvas, while providing a genuine opportunity to thank our players.
Yifan Zhang CEO and Co-Founder of Gympact
What's your favorite part about using Kiip in your App? We get to easily go above and beyond users' expectations and reward them with real, relevant prizes before they even receive their GymPact cash rewards! How has Kiip helped you engage with your users? Users are happy to see a Kiip reward right after a workout, since we only give out cash rewards on a weekly basis.Users have given us positive reviews on the App Store because of Kiip. How easy was integration? Absolutely dead simple. What is the one thing that resonated with your users the most? The Kiip rewards were fitness-focused, which meant they were relevant to our users.  That's why we saw such good redemption rates of Kiip rewards.