Business Insider: This 21-Year-Old May Have Cracked The Future Of Mobile Advertising

It's easy to be cynical about Wong, the chief executive of Kiip who's barely old enough to buy his own beer. But his pitch is convincing. In a nutshell, Kiip's rewards appear in a mobile game once a user completes a level. The ad offers the user a reward for their gaming success: a free bottle of Propel, for instance, was offered by Pepsi inside the MapMyFitness app for every eight miles run by a user.

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TechCrunch: Kiip Extends Developer Fund Deadline, sweetens Pot with Services And Advisors

Kiip has extended their deadline for the “$100,000 Build Fund until May 30th.The main goal of this particular fund is to support the “creation of games that incorporate Kiips reward programs in their designs. The winners will receive support with kick starting their games or apps by being supplied with mentors and proven technologies.

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Forbes: Online Advertising’s Greatest Missed Opportunity? Founder Brian Wong Answers

Author Ryan Holiday sat down with Brian Wong to find out “What is the future of advertising”. When asked the question “What is the greatest missed opportunity in advertising today? Wong replied with a simple straight-forward answer “To me, the greatest missed opportunity was the notion of enabling a brand to be rewarding in the “moment.” Brian focuses on the consumer and feels appreciation is key the “moment” success is reached on a mobile game. Advertisements are everywhere we look so their presence is known but what he feels is truly missing is “true value”.

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The Next Web: Meet Brian Wong the 21 year old CEO who can teach us about emotional business connections

At The Next Web conference in Amsterdam, Wong sat down with Jamillah Knight to talk about the way brands can change and create an emotional connection with their consumers especially when in the mobile gaming world.

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PSFK: Kiip Extends Developer Fund Deadline, sweetens Pot with Services And Advisors

Kiip has expanded their business model to include the growing market of personal fitness tracking apps. The original concept targeted an engaged user-base of mobile gamers. However, now the company is applying that same thinking to the fitness community in the hopes of making the emotional highs of reaching a personal health goal that much more meaningful. The updated application will reward users when they have achieved a “moment” within fitness applications. For example, if users log their run for the day in MapMyRun, they could get a reward from PepsiCo’s Propel Zero, the brand’s zero-calorie nutrient enhanced water beverage mix packets. This not only provides a brand incentive, but one that is actually useful to the running community, and that level of relevancy may hold the key to Kiip’s success.

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TechCrunch: Kiip Lets Any App Reward You With Real-Life Prizes

Today Kiip expands its real-world rewards platform to allow giveaways in any type of app, not just games. Since Kiip-client brands pay developers to promote through them, today’s launch will give lots of devs a new way to monetize without traditional display ads.

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TechCocktail: Brian Wong on Mobile Advertising, Advice Young Entrepreneurs & More

21-year-old entrepreneur Brian Wong believes in disrupting markets, not just plugging up holes with little apps. He himself is aiming to disrupt mobile advertising with Kiip, a rewards network that app developers can add to their apps. TechCocktail published this 2 part series on Brian Wong’s take on Mark Zuckerberg and his latest advice for entrepreneurs, how he came up with Kiip, and what motivates him day-to-day.

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Entrepreneur: Kiip: A Win-Win for App Developers and Advertisers

Even if you're not a mobile-game developer--heck, even if you don't know how to send a text message--Kiip is a company worth watching. Kiip plans to simplify marketer access to its rewards network enabling local and national brands to automatically set up their own rewards campaigns.

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New Europe Online: Finding the Human Angle in Tech Development

Mobile advertising is still in its infancy with a lot of development still to go before it will reach its full potential. There are at least ten ways to move forward in the industry. That is what Brian Wong, CEO and Founder of Kiip, one of the keynote speakers at TNW, put forward in his speech. At TNW 2012, Wong talked about how the idea of Kiip came to him on a plane and how today's web and mobile advertising is still falling very short of what it could be.

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